1. Jelaskan personnel administration

Answer:  The tasks, the person has to perform, the country of the global assignment, and other infotypes

1. Jelaskan tiga cara maintaning personnel administration

  • Single screen maintenance (Individual Infotype Maintenance)
  • Personnel Actions
  • Fast Entry

2. Jelaskan Management of Global Employment Model

A global employee can complete one or multiple global assignments for his or her global company

3. Jelaskan Initial Entry Screen for Infotype Maintenance

Infotypes that are most frequently used are grouped together by subject matter and assigned to statistic menus

4. Jelaskan search help

The search help function in the work area enables you to select personnel numbers according to certain criteria such as last name, first name, birth date, organizational assignment, and so on.

5. Jelaskan Infotypes

Individual information, such as last name, first name, and date of birth, is defined in data fields.

6. Jelaskan sub infotypes

Special subvariants of an Infotype

7.  Selection using infotype number

Each Infotype has a numerical key in addition to a name key

 8. Jelaskan Time Constaint in HR

  • Time Constrant 1: This is mandatory information that must be uniquely available at all times
  • Time constrant 2: This is optional information that, if available, must be uniqe
  • Time constrant 3: This is optional information that, if available, can exist more than once

9.  Jelaskan Maintaining Infotypes

Proccessing data already in the system, and entering and saving new data

10. Jelaskan Generating Histories

If you a new record when a previous record already exist, the system reacts in one of the following ways: it delimits, extends, divides, or deletes the record

11. Jelaskan fast entry

Fast entry enables you to maintain an infotype for more than one personnel number on a single screen

12. Berikan dua contoh kasus fast entry

  • Individual employees receive bonuses of differing amounts at different times.
  • All employees of an entire organizational unit receive the same bonus on the same date

13. Jelaskan personnel action

Sequence of Infotypes to map a personnel process

14. Jelaskan Hiring Action

15. Entry Screens for Hiring

Data is generally recorded for the above mentioned infotypes during the hiring action16. Initial Screen

To hire an employee, select the entry screen for personnel actions

16. Actions

Prerequesite to the Organizational Assignment (0001) infotype

17. Personal Data

The personal data (0002) infotype stores an employee;s personal details

18. Dynamic Actions

Performed automatically by the system, depending on certain conditions

19. Organizational Assignment

Company code, personnel area, personnel subarea, business area, employee group, and employee subgroup

20. Addresses

Often use together with the employee’s name from the personal data infotype (0002) in various employee list, forms, or for address labels

21. Planned Working Time

The defines the employee’s daily, monthly, and annual working times

22. Basic Pay

Default values are specified for pay scale type and pay scale area in the basic pay infotype (0008)

23.  Bank Details

Enter the employee’s bank key and account number

24. Absence Quotas

Store the deduction from and deduction to dates here

25. Restarting a Personnel Action

Takes you to the sequence of infotypes assignment to the action, which can then maintain

26. Utillities in Master Data Maintenance

  • Delete personnel number
  • Change payroll status
  • Change entry/leaving date
  • Call employee

27.  Additional Actions

Enables you to log all of the personnel actions that you use additional actions infotype to log such personnel actions

 28. Global Employment and concurrent employment

29.  Management of global employment

  • Planning of a Global Assignment
  • Preparation for relocation
  • Transfer
  • During the assignment
  • Reaptriation

30.  Infotype yang diperlukan dalam management of glo0bal employment

  • Global assignment details (0710)
  • Global assignment status (0715)
  • Dependent information (0704)
  • Compensation package offer (0706)
  • Checklist information (0705)

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